For many couples, Grand Central is the perfectly lovely indoor alternative in case of rain. This fabulous British couple, however, decided to marry in Grand Central because they just love Grand Central.  I do too.  They looked so sharp and elegant and joyous on their wedding day, and it was a delight to participate in their ceremony!

Over the past three months, I accumulated lots of images. I took at least one photo from well over half of my ceremonies. Originally, I wanted to post an image per each day of winter.  Now, I do not wish to wait to post. So over the next month or two, I will share lots of images from my archive.  In January and February, when I tend to marry no more than fifteen couples rather than twenty-five per month, I plan on starting a photo album with tiny prints labeled.  In addition to the hand-written collection of vows and stories from each couple I began last week, I think these two books will be amazing records. If I ask to take your photo, it is just to have something personal to remember you -- out of affection!