I confess feeling aloof and disappointed the first time I married a couple by the Unisphere back in December 2009: it was absolutely freezing that day, and I had to wait until I returned home to sign the license.  Barricades encircled the structure too. Now I am fond of the Unisphere and Flushing Meadows Corona Park in general. When the Fountain sprays, it does look rather magnificent. Flushing Meadows Corona Park is also a very relaxed park, so kids play in the Fountain without the weight of the parks' department bearing down.  I even saw some small people biking in it!

The couple I married here --featured above-- sparkled on their wedding day.  Despite the heat, they looked radiant and sharp. You cannot see them (I use B&W film), but the bride's train had blue ruffles in the center.  As she remarked, it was her way of expressing a little personality.  They exchanged very contemporary vows in which they expressed lots of love and friendship in a tiny garden area with the Unisphere in the background.  For me, it was a wonderful way to spend an early Monday (yes, folks really do marry on Mondays!) afternoon.